A Very Lauren Conrad Day.

My family has always been aghast at what they thought were my “trashy” taste in pop culture and the frivolous.  Bane of my Mother’s existence is MTV reality tv.

I would still prefer Vogue over the Economist and shopping over reading books though I do I read and shop with a dedication bordering on an obsession(in fact I try to read both Vogue and the Economist cover to cover every month/week respectively.  I always succeed with vogue-Economist not so much.  I skim the book review.  Snoozefest!)

Perhaps it’s because politics is my career now.  I spend all day trying to fix the world’s problems in one miniscule way or another.  My co-workers(though I only have one and my boss) are both really erudite and learned, and really into politics so watercooler conversation is much more high brow than at most places.  I also spend an inordinate amount of time, listening and relistening to all our experts views on climate change and green energy.  Because my job is so intellectually challenging and engaging-most of the time-I like going home to a good The Hills episode or reading about the best mascara(still forever going to be Dior Beauty’s Diorshow in my shortlashed opinion).

But forgive me mother for the metaphor but today was definitely a The Hills day.

I woke up, had breakfast and inappropriate, gender traitor type convo with a good friend from college then I went to the salon near my building.  It’s dangerous living in downtown.  The mall is only two blocks in high heels away!  Got my eyebrows done tho.

New Brows!

New Brows!

I think they turned out well.  My sparely populated balding eyebrows actually look normal here!  Two cheers for the magic of Indian women and their superior threading skills!

After, I had to walk past Barney’s.  Well not had to.  I went over to Macy’s to grab some skin stuff since in the big move, my skin care line dissappeared into the Tiffany blue of my carpet.  But Barneys beckoned and I ended up grabbing a Jurlique mini set, a spot treatment, Nars Blush Lovejoy, Nars eye shadow brush, Nars Eyeshadow, Cle De Peu cream eyeliner and Nars lipstick.

Shopping Hall at Barney!

Shopping Haul at Barney!

Which brings me to the last point of the evening.  My god, I think I’m a woman now.  And no not menarche but something more monumental.   I’m wearing lipstick.  Not chapstick nor the Bonne Bell of my rapidly fading youth or even the MAC lipglass of my debauched collegiate years.  But real grown up lipstick.  Like  Hillary Clinton or my mother.



Le sigh.  My  NAR mitzi-ed lips are pouting.   I’m growing up.  and it sucks.  On the other hand, I love my mom and Hillary Clinton so maybe this womanhood thing won’t be so bad.  After all, even Lauren Conrad left the The Hills.  =)

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