The exotification of cultures

“Four boys ages 9 to 14 have been charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year old girl, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said Wednesday.  The girl was lured into a vacant storage shed by the suspects, who offered her chewing gum, police said at a news conference.”

So basically a group of young boys all under the age of 14, rape a 8 year old.   While this is sick and deplorable, the worst part is that the girl’s family BLAMES HER and in fact wants the boys released.

Her sister said to a radio station:

“”I came to her and said it’s not good for you to be following guys because you are still little,” the sister told KTVK. She also said that she wanted the suspects to be released from jail because “we are the same people.”"

Stupid.  immoral. idiots.

Even as an avowed liberal, who encourages legal immigration.  This non sense has got to stop.

There is an over exotification of other cultures and it kills me.

People tell me how much they love the Filipino culture all the time, and compare it very favorably with American/Western culture.  Outwardly I pretend to be flattered-there are fanatstic, beautiful aspects of the filipino culture.  But inwardly I cringe.

It’s completely ignorant to rhapsodize about a culture that is inherently flawed in so many deeply profound ways that has hurt so many people.

Take the corruption, nepotism, patriarchy, the lack of a sense of community, the willingness to turn our most precious labor resources into imgrant workers for the Saudis.

Someone should have dropped the PC bullshit and tell those boys and yes that immigrant cmmunity that rape is wrong.  Raping an 8 year old is wrong.  It doesn’t matter what happened in Liberia, it was wrong there too but we can’t do anything about that.  In this instance however, there are on American soil and the full force of the justice system should be on them.

If the girls family is so ignorant as to blame her and feel ashamed of her, then they all should be deported to Liberia.

You can’t just economically take advantage of the United States, living on American soil, in an American building, have American jobs and not even adher to the basic level of American(world) human decency i.e. child rape is wrong.

If the larger Liberian community and especially the girls family continues to ostracize the girl, there are no excuses in my view, no bullshit “umm those boys were child soldiers etc” and “in their culture they feel ashamed” that would excuse their deplorable views and opinions.

They shouldn’t exist anywhere much less the United States.  If they can’t stop acting like evil child rapist/ evil child rapist enablers then send them back to their poverty stricken war ravaged country- putting such obviously mentally and emotionally disturbed people with civilized soceity with morality and laws is asking for trouble.   If they think it’s okay to rape children, who is to say that they wouldn’t go out of their communities and start raping/killing at will?

America has to draw a line on the sand.  If you cross if, you’re out.  Child rape is a good place to start.

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