Moving Day!

Well actually more like moving day part 23423.

I feel like I’ve been moving for a month.

It’s a much bigger space. More than twice the size of what I was living in before(Thanks crappy economy!) but slowly and surely all the mish mash of dresses, shoes , purses(!), jewelry, etc etc have taken up space…

which is a good thing since my floor is Tiffany blue.

Now I love Tiffany blue. I LOVE LOVE Tiffanys. I was named after the jewelry store afterall. My mother and my sister both thinking how happy Tiffanys made them and with the wish that I would be a happy, sunny child.

Which I am/was.

Anyhoo back to the carpet.

Even though I love Tiffanys and anyone who knows me/seen my room knows that I have amassed an impressive tiffany boxes collection (from the various gifts from Tiffanys my friends and family have given through out the years mostly from the silver collection NGL.) but Tiffany blue carpet?


BUT! It does give me a good reason to do the entire apartment in Tiffanys blue, chocolate and taupe.

which are the only colors that make it seem a real grown up place and not so “princessy”.

Okay now I have to get packing. I have a two galloon bottle of soy sauce that needs to be secured.


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Bad Tiffany.

But in my defense, I’ve been a little maudlin lately.

I saw a homeless woman yesterday. An all too common sight unfortunately. But what struck me about her was her perfectly manicured nails. She was sleeping on the side of road. A dark sleeping bag covering most of her face and body but her hands peeked through. She had french fingernails that were done recently. Less than a week old.


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since.

What had happened to this woman that one day she was sitting at a parlor telling the nice, probably vietnamese, lady how long she wanted her nails to be, sipping green tea to a few days later sleeping in a gutter?

Was she a prostitute?

Was she a victim of abuse, escaping her violent partner/father/etc?

Did she come to the city with hopes of making it only to be mugged/attacked and now she has no way/means to get home?

Did she lose her job/child/ suffer some great calamity that caused her to breakdown unable to provide for herself anymore?

I can’t stop thinking about her. As I am moving to my new apartment, with its marble foyer and doorman, I feel so guilty and melancholy.

I passed by the same street today, determined that I was going to speak to her and offer help. Money, advice on nearby homeless shelters and domestic abuse centers, a place to sleep if she wants, a bus/train ride home.

But she wasn’t there.

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I lied to you

Today was a crazy day in politics between Sotomayor and the whole Prop 8 ruling.   I had to put in overtime and I’m absolutely exhausted! Anyhoo, I’m kinda glad the court ruled as it did.  This way when the time comes it’ll be done the right way.   through the power of the people of california.  I don’t want “activist judges” bullcrap from the other side.  And that day will come.  You can’t stop progress.

also, I’m way too tired to put up photos.  definitely expect some tomorrow though.


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Oh-My-Effing-Gawd I’m 24.

I’m on PST and contrary to my wordpress clock, it’s still 24 minutes till my 24th birthday is over.

So I decided that since I’m hurtling forward towards the great abyss that is the adult world, I should record my (mis)adventures.  I’m still in process of forming my opinions on politics, the world and life in general so my apologies in advance if my thoughts seem disjointed, contradictory or just plain stupid.  Putting my thoughts into writing has always helped me sort things out and its my hope that this little blog helps me figure things out and keep my friends and family (which due to my wanderlust now span three continents) up to date with my rather hectic crazy life!

Tomorrow pictures from my weekend birthday extravaganza.  I guess 24 is the age wherein we trade the college socially accepted vices of drink and debauchery for gluttony and well more gluttony.

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